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Digiantenni in brief


Digiantenni is a local Tv antenna and satellite dish installer/maintainer in the Pirkanmaa area. We are specialised on Tv Antenna-, Satellite dish- and Cabel tv installation, with 


over 40 years experience in the industry.


We offer our planning, installation and maintanance services also in English. 


Digiantenni at your service:

  • Need for new Finnish or international tv channels?

  • Need for new tv outlets?

  • Something has to be done to the bad Tv reception?


We offer professional satellite dish aiming for optimized signal reception.We plan and install new antenna systems and maintain and repair old antenna systems.We have also Cable tv services (connect/disconnect). We are also an official Canal Digital installer and distributor.


Other services

  • Home and business Security Systems

  • Home and business Data Cable Networks (rj45)

  • Optical fiber welding

  • Electric installation

Our references



We have plenty of happy customers

  • Customers watching German tv channels

  • Customers watching Spanish tv channels

  • Customers watching Turkish tv channels

  • Customers watching Senegalese tv channels

  • Customers watching Russian tv channels

  • Customer who's customers are watching various channels

  • and many more...


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Contact us



Toni Koskinen Oy


Tel. 0500 889 039



digiantenni (at) gmail.com

"Good service with bad English ...and with some sense of humor"




Tele specialist,




2010 - present

2010 - present

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DATKO on lyhenne DigiAntenni Toni Koskinen Oy:stä. 

Vain yrityksen nimi lyheni maaliskuun 2021 lopussa. Y-tunnus, sopimukset ja palvelut säilyvät ennallaan. Nimenmuutoksen myötä päivitimme myös sähköpostiosoitteemme ja kotisivumme, uusi sivusto löytyy osoitteesta www.datko.fi